Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Picture-Palooza

Isaac had a great 1st Christmas. It started on Dec. 21st at my aunt and uncle's house and continued throughout the week, ending Dec. 27th at Jason's aunt and uncle's. I know that Isaac doesn't get the whole concept of presents, Santa, and all of that, but we had fun opening his presents for him! Santa brought Isaac an excer-saucer. He loves it! He is getting good a moving himself around the different toys. He also got lots of other toys and books that he will have fun with over the next several months.

He also had fun with all of his cousins. I love watching them interact with each other. It won't be long until they are running around creating chaos together.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Back to Blogging

So it has been ages since we have updated the blog! Sorry about that. Right after Thanksgiving Isaac got sick with what we think was rotovirus...yuck! It was a long 12 days of a very bad tummy bug. He was nice enough to share with both Jason and I along with several extended family members, luckily our illnesses didn't last as long as his did. It took Isaac a good two weeks to finally get back to his normal self. This was the first time since coming home that he has really been sick and man was it a good one!
We have been busy getting ready for Isaac's first Christmas. Between his getting sick and us going out of town the last 2 weekends, the Christmas decorating has been slow going around here. We do have a tree up, but it only has one ornament on it! Oh well, there are presents that are wrapped and under the tree so I do feel like we have gotten something accomplished!
Isaac is doing great. He weighs over 11 pounds and is 23 inches long. He is now wearing sizes 0-3 month clothes. Last week he turned 7 months old so he still has some catching up to do! He is really close to rolling over from back to tummy and is getting really good with his upper body control. He is a chatter box these days too! He loves "talking" to all of his toys. He also has a good belly laugh, but only Daddy gets the really loud chuckles for now. I guess Mommy just isn't that funny!
Last weekend we went to KC to visit family. He got lots of lovin' from his cousins. It is so cute to see them all together. It won't be long before they are running and playing together.
Jason graduated with his Master's in Administration degree this past week. We are both glad that this semester if finally over. Between papers and projects, along with everything else going on, it has been VERY busy! Way to go Jason, Isaac and I are both so proud of you :)
We are looking forward to our first Christmas together as a family of three. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Pictures

A new slide show of pictures from the last month or so. Look how our boy has grown!!