Friday, February 13, 2009


We got a message from our agency that the paperwork that we have been waiting on for the last 6 months has finally been obtained and filed and we are now waiting to be assigned a court date for Tenaye! Yea!! It could take a while to get a date as the courts in Ethiopia are very back logged, but at least now we feel like we have taken a step forward.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dedication and All Better!

Over the weekend Isaac finally got rid of the nasty RSV that had taken him over recently. His breathing is completely normal, his cough is gone, and he is back to eating like it's his job. Now that he is back to good health, we decided it was time to start him on baby food. The meal of choice was squash, and he did really well with it and seemed to enjoy it much better than rice and oatmeal.

Right before he got sick he had his infant dedication at River Bluff Fellowship Church in Springfield where we have been attending since last summer. It is the perfect church home for our family and the pastor there, Scott Watson, is an absolutely wonderful man. Isaac was a pretty handsome little man in his khaki pants and blue shirt; he didn't wear the hat to church.

Tomorrow it's off to daycare and Miss Becki's house, where Isaac hasn't been in two weeks because of the winter weather and his illness. I'm sure she has missed him and he has missed watching the big kids play. It looks like things are back to normal around here. We continue to pray that the adoption agency and orphanage are able to secure the proper paperwork for Tenaye, but we know everything is in God's hands and it is his timing as to when she comes home.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Snuggle Bug

Unfortunately, the RSV bug has bitten Isaac. He has been really sick for the last week. Instead of enjoying our snow days we spent time at the doctor's office and hospital having chest x-rays, a breathing treatment, and a nasal swab. All signs point to RSV. Yuck! So he has spent a majority of the past few days snuggled up on mommy or daddy's lap. Poor little boy has no appetite (he has lost a pound in the last 7-10 days), has a terrible cough, and is really congested. Thankfully his fever is gone and he isn't struggling to breathe like he was last week. Hopefully he has turned a corner and is on the road to recovery.

Here are some pictures we have captured over the last few weeks. Our little guy is really changing! He can sit on his own for long stretches of time, has two bottom teeth, and is really starting to talk our ears off! He has the cutest, sweetest laugh I have ever heard. (We are trying to figure out how to put video on the blog, so stay tuned!)
Isaac enjoying the warm weather and fresh air over the weekend.
Reading at 8 months! He is a genius!
Ummm, oatmeal....

Playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos with Cousin Kyle