Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hello...anyone out there?!

I can't believe it has been 2 months since our last blog post. Really, how pathetic is that? I am sure by now the only person reading is my mother-in-law, but in case I am wrong, I will give you a brief update. Tenaye has started preschool two days a week. She is loving it and learning so much. She is really picking up on her letter recognition and letter sounds. We have to make a decision on whether to send her to kindergarten in the fall or wait another year. She has a June birthday, so we can either start now when she turns 5 or wait until she is 6. I go back and forth, Jason says wait. Either way, she LOVES her school and teacher and has transitioned better than we ever expected. She has enjoyed playing in the snow this past weekend, but would much prefer to play in warm weather and go for walks with mommy and Isaac. I don't blame her, I have cabin fever too and look forward to warm afternoons at the park.

Isaac is doing his best to stay well. He had a nasty cold in early January, but is feeling better now. He is surprising us each day with more words. He was a late bloomer in that area, but says "momma","dada", 'mon (as in come on), "nigh nigh", "bye bye", "hello", "thank you", "all done", "mine" and much more. He can also identify his ears, nose, and tongue. He is a future drummer, he bangs on everything and is obsessed with cell phones and remote controls. He also is doing better with table foods, he works with a speech and occupational therapist once a week and is making great strides.

We had a wonderful Christmas (I know, pathetic that I didn't blog about it). Tenaye was so excited for Santa Claus to come until just a few days before the 25th. At that time she started to get a little freaked out and decided that she didn't want Santa looking at her while she was asleep. Even with reassurances that he would only stay downstairs where the Christmas tree and fireplace were, she wasn't too keen on the idea of him coming in the house. We told her that we would ask him to leave the presents outside and then mommy and daddy would bring them inside before she woke up. That seemed to be a good deal for her. She was all about presents though and they both got lots of nice toys and other things. I think Tenaye's favorites are the play doh burger maker and princess dress up clothes. Isaac loves his slide and play tent.

I will try to do better on the blogging. For now, I leave you with pictures.