Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home One Month

One month home and Tenaye is doing remarkably well. She is a great big sister to Isaac. One of her favorite things to do is try and make him laugh, and she is good at it too! Isaac enjoys having her around too. She is also a good helper around the house. She enjoys helping with putting laundry in the washer and dryer, rinsing off dishes, and feeding Isaac. They both started back at the babysitters last week as Jason and I are both back at work. Isaac fell right back into his routine pretty easily. He has gotten very attached to us over the summer so there was a brief period of adjustment for him. Tenaye took a little longer, but I am happy to say she is now eating and playing and no longer standing by the door the whole time she is there. She still hasn't spoken to any of the kids or really even to Miss Becki, but that is ok, she will when she is ready. When I pick her up in the afternoon she talks non-stop the whole ride home! She is learning more English with each day. She can now pretty much repeat anything we say and loves to sing! Going to the park is one of her favorite activities and she also likes swimming/splashing at the pool. We are really happy with the progress she has made in the last month and know it will just continue to get better and better! Here are lots of pictures from the last month. Notice Tenaye's new hair do! She loves it and so do I, it is so much easier and now we can grow it out and know that it will be healthy and well conditioned.

Tenaye loves to play with her baby (Mimi) and likes it when Isaac gets in on the action too. (No, we haven't pierced her ears. She takes the links that hook things on to Isaac's car seat and wears them like earrings. A diva in the making!)

New dress and new 'do.

She loves her brother and he loves her too!

Mommy's little helper!

Tenaye loves to help with feeding Isaac. It is so cute to watch them interact. She is a great big sister, Isaac is lucky to have her.