Monday, November 9, 2009

Autumn Update

It has been very busy around our house lately. The month of October came and went in a flash. We started the month out by moving. We stayed in the same city, but upgraded to a house with a full basement, huge backyard, and it is closer to Jason's work. We love the house (thanks Dad, the builder!) and can't imagine what we ever did before we had a basement! Tenaye is continuing to impress us every day. Her English is pretty much perfect. There are still a few words and phrases here and there that we have to ask for clarification, but for the most part, she is completely fluent. Her accent is still pretty thick, but it is slowly disappearing. I will miss it when it is completely gone. She has the sweetest voice. She is so loving and sweet. Words cannot express how much she loves Isaac and her family. She is full of hugs and kisses and is such a compassionate little thing. She does have her typical 4 year old moments and if she doesn't get her way at times she will pout and throw a fit, but nothing compared to four months ago. Isaac is walking/running everywhere. He has graduated from physical therapy (since he can walk, run, and climb stairs) and has moved on to speech/occupational therapy. The therapist is helping him with his eating issues and helping him develop his speech. He is at a really fun age right now, and makes us laugh all the time. He thinks his big sister is pretty special, and they are so cute together. Tenaye is always hugging and kissing him, and he returns the affection. Jason and I marvel each day at how lucky we are to have two terrific kids. I don't know what we did to deserve these cuties, but I thank God each day for placing them in our lives. We are truly blessed.