Sunday, March 8, 2009

In like a lion...

March has roared in with a very busy week. I had FBLA district competition this past week (Spokane's team placed 5th out of 17 schools and 7 of my students will be competing at state), parent teacher conferences, and I took in some playoff basketball. I also had my first job interview for a principal for next year and it went well. I'm a bit out of practice since it's been 7 years since my last interview, so if nothing else it was good practice. I continue to look and have some more applications and resumes to send off soon for posted jos.

Also within the past week came word that we have an actual court date now for Tenaye!! May 18 we will be represented in Ethiopia along with 10 other families with Hope Adoption Agency. We are SO relieved that progress is being made and are thinking good thoughts as we wait another 2 months and PRAY that we pass court on the first try. This would mean travelling in late June or early July...right about the time Laura will be finishing summer school. Tenaye's room has been completely cleaned out and we bought a bed for it. How wonderful it will be to see her sleeping in her bed and hold her in our arms.

After another round of a cough and cold, Isaac is back to being his happy self once again. We hope this is the last one for the season, but with this crazy weather you never know. He is REALLY starting to enjoy eating his baby food and gets pretty cranky if he doesn't get a spoonful fast enough. He loves his food (just like his mom)! Favorites include applesauce, pears, sweet potatoes, and carrots.We can tell he's growing but aren't sure of his weight. He's 26 inches now and we're guessing he's skipped the 15's and is in the 16 pound range. He LOVES sitting now and can do so for quite some time and is starting to stand (with minimal support) while holding on to furniture and his exer-saucer. No crawling yet, but we're patient with this and other parts of his development that we know may be a little slow.

He took his first trip to the zoo with his cousins Kaleb and Kyle and sported a new STL Cardinals hat that he got from one of the teachers at Jason's school. He wore it well and had a good time looking at the animals.

Isaac's top two teeth should be popping through any day as his gums and bumpy and swollen and he's gnawing on everything in sight and drooling at an impressive rate. Also growing is his hair. Just look at the curly Q's on top of his head!

This last picture is Isaac with his serious face and pose. I'm fairly certain that he just spit the bib out of his mouth right before the picture was taken.